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Social Protection and Community Services

THAR’s “Social Protection and Community Support,” a fundamental pillar of its work. This commitment stems from a deep understanding that many marginalized individuals and families, including vulnerable orphans and widows, often find themselves unable to access even the most basic necessities. In response to this pressing need, THAR has taken it upon itself to serve as a lifeline to those facing these challenges, offering a comprehensive array of support activities.

Orphan Family Support

THAR extends its hand to orphaned children and their families, recognizing that their vulnerabilities extend beyond just the loss of a parent. This support encompasses financial assistance for critical areas like education, healthcare, and ensuring access to essentials such as food and clothing.
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Ration and Cooked Food Support

The provision of food, whether in the form of essential food items or ready-to-eat meals, is a cornerstone of THAR’s efforts. This intervention directly addresses the issue of food insecurity, ensuring marginalized populations have access to nutritious sustenance.

Clothing and Utensil Support

Often overlooked, the provision of clothing and basic household items is paramount for preserving human dignity and overall well-being. THAR’s commitment to providing these items reflects its holistic approach to community support.

Cash Grants Support

Recognizing the diverse needs of its beneficiaries, THAR offers cash grants. This financial flexibility empowers recipients to allocate funds where they are most urgently required, whether for essential household needs, or investments in income-generating activities.

Zakat Support

THAR also embraces the principles of Zakat, an important facet of charity. By providing Zakat support, THAR contributes to the welfare of communities, ensuring that wealth is distributed to those in need in accordance.

Qurbani Meat Distribution and Iftari Meals

THAR engages in activities such as Qurbani, where animals are sacrificed, and the meat is distributed to the less fortunate. Additionally, iftari meals are provided during Ramadan to break the fast, fostering a sense of community and addressing hunger within these communities.

THAR’s multifaceted approach goes beyond mere immediate relief. By addressing these fundamental needs, THAR empowers marginalized individuals and families, laying the foundation for long-term stability and resilience. Access to essentials such as food, clothing, education, and healthcare not only alleviates immediate suffering but also enables these communities to build brighter, more secure futures for themselves and their broader communities. In essence, THAR’s work embodies the principle of providing a hand up, not just a handout, ultimately fostering self-sufficiency and positive change.